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Worry-free carpet and tile cleaning at a great price!.

Carpet Cleaning Clearwater Fl

Carpets Steam Cleaned Inc. has been serving Clearwater Fl for many years offering quality cleaning at a discounted price. We only use Truck mounted cleaning units because they provide the deepest cleans in a timely manner so your whole day is not taken up by a cleaning service. Having your carpet cleaned should be a pleasant experience and that is our main concern, we will always go the extra mile for all of our Clearwater customers.
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Our great services we offer


Carpet Cleaning Clearwater fl

We use state of the art truck mounted cleaning units.


Tile Cleaning Clearwater

Cleaning your tile and grout would be our pleasure.
  1. We use powerful yet safe cleaning products

  2. Our prices are much lower than the national average

  3. Our powerful equipment uses high heat and pressure to clean you tile and grout to perfection every time.


Upholstery Cleaning

What a feeling having you furniture cleaned to a new like condition.


Flood extractions

call us first to get all the water out of your home!

Carpet cleaning Clearwater Florida

When you hire Carpets Steam Cleaned INC. you will always get a deep clean with no hidden charges.

We are the professional Clearwater carpet cleaners you have been looking for!

Most other Clearwater Fl carpet cleaners do not have the years of experience that we do, we have the skills to remove the deepest stains from your carpet.

Your Clearwater stain removal experts!

Having your carpet in Clearwater cleaned often is now an option.

    There appears to be a generous supply of volumes of falsehoods and myths regarding carpet cleaning. From one household to the next, there are always fears of seeking the services of professional Clearwater carpet cleaners because of the lack of useful information about the process and results. One of the biggest myth about carpet cleaning is that the process leaves a foul stench on your carpet. In fact, failure to clean the carpets as regularly as necessary as possible contributes to the awful smell, which engulfs the interior of your interior spaces. Carpets should be cleaned in the right way by using appropriate implements. This would spruce up the carpet's appearance and give it a lovely smell.


    Carpet cleaning will weaken the fabric of your carpet:


    Another big myth often peddled around on carpet cleaning is that the chemicals used eventually weaken the fabric of the carpet. Those who argue along this line base their opinions on the fact that the chemicals have a wear and tear effect on the carpets, which often end up in total destruction. Such lines of thought should only engage the interest of laymen. The truth of the matter is that the special chemicals used for carpet cleaning only work by loosening and releasing dirt and grime without affecting the carpet in any negative way.


    Cleaning will mess the aesthetic quality of your carpet:


    Some other people believe that carpet cleaning destroys the fluffs of the carpeting in a way that messes up the aesthetic value. This argument is built on the fact that the cleaning machines have an abrasive effect that messes up the appearance of the carpet. As a matter of fact, only inexperienced cleaners using inappropriate machines and methods can ruin the appearance of your carpet. Professional Clearwater carpet cleaners will handle your carpet with tenderness and extreme care in a way that restores its attractiveness and quality.

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